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Dyshidrosis  in Charlotte, NC

Darst Dermatology offers personalized treatment for dyshidrosis in Charlotte, Matthews, and the surrounding North Carolina communities.

What Is Dyshidrosis?

Dyshidrosis is another name for eczema of the hand or foot. Dyshidrosis is a painful condition that occurs when minuscule blisters on your hands or feet develop into a rash. The fluid-filled blisters can seep or ooze. The condition will get worse if left untreated. The cause of dyshidrosis isn’t known, but people who are exposed to moisture can develop it. Stress, fungal infections, and certain medications can also cause dyshidrosis to worsen.

Dyshidrosis will eventually cause the skin between your fingers or toes to crack open, scab, and crust over. Fluid may develop under the crust. If dyshidrosis gets to this point, it will take several weeks to heal completely.

How Is Dyshidrosis Treated?

Seek help early for dyshidrosis, so it doesn’t prevent you from carrying out everyday activities. Dr. Darst will recommend a topical cream to reduce itching and inflammation. The cream may contain antifungal agents to eliminate the problem. In mild cases, soaking your hands or feet in a medicated solution might also be helpful. Over-the-counter antihistamines can also act to reduce itching and burning.

Dr. Darst, a board-certified dermatologist, offers expert treatment for dyshidrosis to residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and other Metrolina communities in North Carolina. Schedule a consultation today by calling 704-321-3376. Darst Dermatology is conveniently located at 11301 Golf Links Drive North, Charlotte, NC 28277.