Biopsy in Charlotte, NC

What is a biopsy?

A “Biopsy” is the removal of a small sample of a growth on the skin by your dermatologist. The sample is then sent to a dermatopathologist, a doctor who examines this sample under a microscope and renders a diagnosis regarding the type of growth or disease present.

Your doctor then reviews the dermatopathologists findings and coordinates that with his/her observation of your condition. Knowing the type of growth or disease helps your doctor determine the best possible way to treat you.

There are charges from two places when a biopsy is performed:

  1. The dermatologist for removal of the tissue to be examined, and
  2. The dermatopathologist for the preparation and evaluation of the tissue under the microscope.

Care of biopsy site

  1. Cleanse the biopsy site with soap and water once or twice a day.
  2. Apply Vaseline ointment. (not Neosporin or double/triple antibiotic ointment)
  3. Place a small dressing or Band-Aid.
  4. Do this once or twice a day until healed. (approximately 2-3 weeks)
  5. It is normal to have a red ring around biopsy site with a white to light yellow center.
  6. If you have any concerns or questions call our office at 704-321-3376.
  7. If you have not heard from our office in 3 weeks, please call for your report.

Studies show that wounds heal better when covered with ointment and a dressing.