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Cecilia: Dr. Darst and his staff are the best of the best. Over the last year, Dr. Darst has performed several biopsies for possible malignant melanomas. He and his staff have been helpful and caring and always answer any questions you might have. I am so glad my primary doctor referred me to Darst Dermatology.

Tanya: Excellent customer service!

Naomi: Very prompt, courteous and professional office staff. Dr. Darst did not seem in a hurry and was willing to answer all my questions. My husband and I were very pleased with our experience.

Janet: Everyone was very nice and caring!

Harry: The doctor and his assistant were very personable and professional. Very easy to be examined by. I feel that this was the first time that I was truly examined. Much better experience than where I used to go. I have officially changed dermatologists.

Pat: The staff was very warm and receptive. I felt like Dr. Marc listened to me, which doesn't happen very often anymore.

Nancy: Am very glad I came in and I will be back!

Debbie: Very professional environment. Dr. Darst was informative. I felt he was honest, someone I could trust to give me good advice for my benefit, not just elicit more income. Highly recommend Dr. Darst as a reputable dermatologist.

Joan: Dr. Darst and staff were friendly and very helpful. I was in and out of the office in 15 minutes, since I work full time this was very stress-free.

Marvin: Dr. Darst was very friendly. He took time to answer all of my questions and I did not feel rushed.

Rosa: I appreciated the attractive, welcoming atmosphere in the office as well as the friendly staff. Cleanliness of office is also important to me. Dr. Darst took his time listening to my complaints and offered a number of reasonable options. He and his staff are all very pleasant.


Sue: The doctor and his assistant made us feel comfortable and informed.


Anna: The staff were very professional as well as friendly, and I was very pleased that Dr. Darst was focused and engaged with me. He asked questions, and listened to my answers to his questions. I felt it was a joint effort in finding the cause of my problem.

Nancy: Very good service and Dr. Darst was thorough!

Donna: Since Tuesday, I've already sent two new patients to Dr. Darst. He and his staff are knowledgeable, professional and personable. I had a biopsy done, but it was actually a fun, easy visit! Never thought I'd say that about getting a needle in my face!

Kathryn: Easy getting an appointment, not a long wait time, and speedy check out! Thanks so much!

Steve: Always a pleasant experience visiting this office. Thank you!

Irm: This was an outstanding experience from reception to my procedure. I am very pleased with my results. Dr. Darst was outstanding and his staff very attentive. Thank-you.

Amber: Everyone was very helpful & kind and they spent a lot of time answering our questions.

Larry: Excellent first impression!

Kathleen: The office was so nice! Informative and friendly! Took time to answer questions.

Dan: Very enjoyable and polite personnel and professional care.

Could you please let my dear Dr. Darst know that he is a genius?  I did not get any bruising and the after effect of the twelve injections is the best I have ever had.  I am so thrilled that I found him!

- D.D.

Dr. Darst actually listens! Most docs have their hands on the door ready to run out. He sat down and talked to me about all my skin issues. He also did a great skin exam. He actually checked my feet. I have a history of skin cancer and not one dermatologist has checked my feet during a skin exam. He had to do a couple of mole removals, and it did turn out to be a basal cell cancer. He did an outstanding surgery on my back. His nurse took plenty of time with me to make sure I understood how to take care of my surgery site. The staff is outstanding and very caring. You can tell they love their patients. From the moment I entered the practice; I felt I received outstanding care. I highly recommend Dr. Darst to everyone! Dr. Darst and his staff are awesome!


The experience was made easier by Dr. Darst and his staff. The bump on my eyelid seemed to be a skin tag but turned out to be a small cyst that needed a few stitches when removed. Dr. Darst also "froze" 2 sun spots from my face and 2 additional pre-cancerous spots from my face. The procedure was quick and efficient, and I went back to work with no problems. I was impressed with a follow-up call the next day (Saturday) from Dr. Darst himself to check to see if I had any problems. I would definitely go back for any additional procedures. And I would also recommend him to others.

- A. J.

I came in with a sore on my left foot. The doctor was very nice and went right to work on cutting my foot and wrapping me up. I have to go back Tuesday for a follow up, this guy is real class. He started to tell me that I needed to get a Dr. Scholl’s pad and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him if he would explain it to my wife. So I handed him my cell phone with my wife on the other end. The doctor explained to her what I needed, and I was out the door. If I didn't change medical coverage, I would have never found him. Who said all change is bad.

– T. R.

This Dermatology practice, and Dr. Darst in particular, are just amazing. I called their office and scheduled an appointment for their Providence Rd location.. They fit me in within a WEEK! THAT IS UNHEARD OF in Dermatology. EXPERIENCE: I showed up and was treated extremely nice by the office staff right away. Everyone was friendly. The office was very modern as well and had a contemporary stone waterfall sculpture on the wall, which was calming. I did not wait long and was seen by Dr. Darst quickly. He was thorough in his examination and was very friendly. He explained everything well, and I felt very informed, despite the routine nature of my visit. In the end, I am thrilled I have found this practice. Dr. Darst is a great doctor; he and his staff are nice and friendly; the office is very modern, and they fit you in very quickly without having to wait 3 months like other practices.

– D.T.

I thought Dr. Darst was great. I wanted a dermatologist that focused on both the medical and the cosmetic sides of dermatology. Previous visits to other dermatologists indicated to me that they usually focus on one or the other. Dr. Darst was personable, knowledgeable, and patient. I was nervous about my first foray into cosmetic work, and he put me at ease. This was my first visit, but he went ahead and removed a mole for biopsy and did a cosmetic evaluation and procedure right then. During the exam and treatment, I never felt rushed. I realize he did take more time, and I really appreciated it. When I left, I think there was a back-up in the waiting room, probably due to him being so generous with his time with me. Plus, I love the results of his work!! I will definitely go back to Dr. Darst.

– C.C.

Dr. Darst was very friendly and professional, thoroughly checking me over and explaining what he was looking for. He saw something unusual on my forehead and performed a quick biopsy to remove it and get it checked (which is nice since this has been bothering me for a while). It has been two weeks, and it has almost completely healed. I had a good experience and would recommend Dr. Darst...I even have an appointment to go back in a year for another checkup.

– N. B.

Considering my schedule, finding the time to schedule an appointment was difficult. Dr. Darst and his team went out of their way to fit me in. This was a good start. He really put me at ease by identifying all these different spots on my skin, letting me know that they were normal. He froze several spots and explained exactly what would happen to my skin for the next few weeks. The staff was excellent! Strongly recommend!

– M.S.

I am new to the area. I found Dr. Darst via the internet. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly. My new pt. forms were available online. The doctor and staff were courteous, friendly, and efficient. I was able to get treatment at this appointment for my 'sun-spots'.

– E. P.

Dr. Darst seems confident, helpful, and low key in dealing with the kids. Unbelievably, he got us in right away which is incredible for a dermatologist.

– J. T.

I've been so impressed with Dr. Darst's dermatology practice that I feel compelled to post about it! I first took my kids to see Dr. Darst a few years ago for warts and he was so calming and gentle with them. He diagnosed and treated what my pediatrician could not! I've since used his practice as my go-to-place for skin care, Botox, etc. It's so nice to have a great doctor and full-service derm practice so close to home! I have recommended Dr. Darst to countless I hope this helps all of you who need outstanding derm care!

– V.N.

When I turned 30, I started losing my hair at the hairline. I have friends with the same problem (some worse than others), but I ignored it because I didn't think much could be done. The genes in my family do not bode well for me. My girlfriend disagreed with my opinion and insisted I see someone. I certainly would like to keep my hair, and if a doctor could help, I decided to give it a try. Dr. Darst gave me several options, and I decided on a daily treatment program. The treatment has worked, and no more hair loss has taken place. Dr. Darst was friendly and professional, and I felt comfortable discussing my issues with him.

– M. S.

Darst Dermatology is awesome! I've recently decided to do something about my skin (40 years old and dealing with acne, wrinkles and sun damage). I knew I wanted to do some cosmetic procedures but wanted to be advised by a dermatologist and not an aesthetician. My mother always said "go to the best doctor you can".... so I started asking around and a friend (a medical doctor) told me about Dr. Darst. I met with Dr. Darst and he told me what products I should be using on my skin, and what cosmetic procedures he would recommend for my skin. There was no pressure to buy his line of skin care products (he told me what genetic ingredient to look for in store bought items). I went ahead and did buy some of his products and now I can't live without my Elta (the best sunscreen ever!!). I would recommend this tinted sunscreen to everyone. It's silky smooth and because it's tinted it evens out your complexion. I don't wear a lot of makeup (I never wear foundation) but this sunscreen evens out my's awesome!

– T. M.

I went to get Botox injections around my eyes and Restylane fillers for my cheeks and chin. Dr. Darst performed the treatments with great skill and care. His bedside manner was exceptional. He took the time to explain the treatment before hand and made sure that I did well while he treated me. There was no pain or discomfort from the Botox and Restylane injections. Dr. Darst did a fabulous job. I’m extremely satisfied with the results and will return to Dr. Darst for cosmetic follow-up and medical treatments. I highly recommend this very skilled, knowledgeable, attentive, and up with the latest in clinical and cosmetic dermatology physician.

– H. J.