Darst Dermatology offers the following skin care products from Dr. Darst’s Signature Skincare to the residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and the surrounding North Carolina communities:

Clarifying Pads ($21)
Dr. Darst Signature Skincare in Charlotte, NC
For an easy, convenient cleansing option, consider the 5% glycolic and 2% salicylic 5/2 pads. In jars of 60 pads, you can use these for on-the-go treatment of acne, oily skin, or aging, dry skin. With a quick swipe, you will be applying Vitamins A, C, and E, along with green tea extract and witch hazel, which will not only cleanse, but also purify your skin with each use.
Acne Spot Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Gel ($15)
Dr. Darst Signature Skincare in Charlotte, NC
This two ounce tube of Benzoyl Peroxide will help control acne-prone and oily skin with one to three applications a day. It is a higher strength product, which can battle stubborn acne and problem skin. It is an affordable solution for those looking to find a successful acne control regimen.
Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Wash ($18)
Dr. Darst Signature Skincare in Charlotte, NC
Our 5% Benzoyl Peroxide wash thoroughly cleanses acne-prone skin with a special soap-free cleanser. Fortified with Benzoyl Peroxide, which provides anti-bacterial activity against Propionibacterium acnes.  Recommended for acne prone and oily skin types.


Dr. Darst, a board-certified dermatologist, offers skin care products to residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and other Metrolina communities in North Carolina. Schedule a consultation today by calling 704-321-3376. Darst Dermatology is conveniently located at 11301 Golf Links Drive North, Charlotte, NC 28277.