Shingles  in Charlotte, NC

Darst Dermatology offers personalized treatment for shingles in Charlotte, Matthews, and the surrounding North Carolina communities.

What Is Shingles?

If you had chicken pox as a child, you’ll be susceptible to getting shingles as an adult. Shingles results from the chickenpox virus and causes groups of painful blisters to appear on your skin. The area of breakout will usually tingle, burn or hurt for 1-2 days prior to the outbreak. While the blisters are present – usually from two to four weeks – you’ll feel intense pain and itching. You need to seek medical treatment to alleviate the discomfort and to prevent long term pain or weakness. Also, you could spread the chickenpox virus to infants who have not been vaccinated or immune suppressed people (HIV, bone marrow transplants, etc).

It’s most common in people older than 50 who have a weakened immune system. Shingles may occur more than once, so it is important that you discuss with Dr. Darst the shingles vaccine to help prevent the initial outbreak; or subsequent attacks.

How Is Shingles Treated?

Dr. Darst might be able to diagnose shingles just by looking at the blisters. However, shingles can mimic other skin disorders so further tests may be required. If you have shingles, Dr. Darst will prescribe antiviral medication. It’s important to treat shingles as soon as possible to attain relief from itching and pain and recover from the virus as soon as possible. And if shingles is left untreated, it can cause long-term nerve damage.

Dr. Darst, a board-certified dermatologist, offers expert treatment for shingles to residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and other Metrolina communities in North Carolina. Schedule a consultation today by calling 704-321-3376. Darst Dermatology is conveniently located at 11301 Golf Links Drive North, Charlotte, NC 28277.