Silagen for Scar Management in Charlotte, NC

At Darst Dermatology, board-certified dermatologist Marc A. Darst, MD is extremely proud to announce that he is offering Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel to residents in Charlotte, Matthews, and nearby communities in North Carolina. Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel is a physician-exclusive medical grade silicone with impressive, clinically demonstrated scar management therapeutic benefits.

What is Silagen for Scar Management?

Silagen for Scar Management in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Darst is pleased to be now able to offer his Charlotte area patients the convenience of the first and only comprehensive, physician-exclusive, all-day medical grade silicone scar management therapy regimen, helping them manage scars throughout the day whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

During the healing process of scars, they synthesize and release collagen — an important component of the healing process. Unfortunately, excessive collagen can actually develop into abnormal scarring. Sun exposure can also make scars grow darker. This process is known as hyperpigmentation.

The good news is that medical grade silicone has been found to normalize collagen and foster skin hydration, which helps prevent hypertrophic scars. A combination of silicone with zinc oxide also aids in the prevention of sun exposure-related hyperpigmentation of scars. Silicone differs from sticky creams in that it creates a thin, transparent sheet that quickly dries and affixes to scar tissue, as well as being effective around joints and contours.

Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel

  • Medical grade silicone
  • Faster drying than any other silicone gel
  • Soft, silky feel preferred by 98% of physicians surveyed
  • No extra potentially irritating ingredients

Silagen for Scar Management in Charlotte, NC

Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel is the preferred treatment choice for post-operative care and healing. This odor-free product is ideal for both face and body, drying quickly. The gel helps normalize collagen levels in the skin and helps guard against hypertrophic scarring and keloids after wound closure.

Treatment with silicone has become the gold standard of care in managing scars, and Dr. Darst is proud to provide this innovative treatment for his patients. Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel can only be obtained from a physician. In the early stages of healing, scars often release a large amount of water through evaporation, leading to the overproduction of collagen, which then causes scars to develop and worsen.

The collagen in your scar tissue will be normalized during the months of treatment with Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel, preventing abnormal scars from forming. Since the gel affixes very effectively to your skin and feels dry, patients find it much more acceptable to use than sticky creams because it is not only convenient and easy to use but because of its tendency to adhere better to joints and contours than other forms of treatment.

Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel is available in 15g amount at Darst Dermatology. It feels soft and silky, but also dries more quickly than other silicone gels that are available. The gel offers the amount of hydration and occlusion needed to stop scar tissue from becoming abnormal or excessive, which is why its properties make it the preferred treatment choice for 98 percent of physicians surveyed.

Silagen for Scar Management in Charlotte, NCWhere can Silagen® be used?

  • On all forms of scars, old and new.
  • Silagen® is perfect for using on areas that require high flexibility.
  • Ideal for post-laser treatment.
  • Silagen® is safe for children since it’s gentle and non-sensitizing.

What makes Silagen® different?

  • The gel leaves no residue or odor and dries quickly.
  • The gel can be covered with sunscreen, cosmetics, and clothing.
  • It softens scars using medical grade silicone


Silagen for Scar Management in Charlotte, NC

Silagen 100% Pure Silicone Gel can only be obtained from a physician. Please contact us right away if you would like to see what this exciting treatment can do for you.

Dr. Darst, a board-certified dermatologist, offers skin care products to residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and other Metrolina communities in North Carolina. Schedule a consultation today by calling 704-321-3376. Darst Dermatology is conveniently located at 11301 Golf Links Drive North, Charlotte, NC 28277.