Skin Lightening Kit

Hydro-Q in Charlotte, NC

Darst Dermatology offers Hydro-Q 4% Gel and RetAvanz Lotion to the residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and the surrounding North Carolina communities:

The Skin Lightening Kit is 2 products: Rx Hydro-Q 4% gel and RetAvanz Lotion

Used to treat brown spots/age spots/sunspots on any area of your body- face, chest, hands, arms.

Use it nightly to reduce the appearance of aging and brown spots.

Skin Lightening Kit in Charlotte, NC

HYDRO-Q 4% gel – Rx water-based hydroquinone gel

HYDRO-Q 4% Gel gives you several advantages vs other hydroquinones:

  • 30% better penetration with gel than hydroquinone cream
  • Well tolerated by all skin types especially sensitive skin patients
  • Patients love the silky feel of the gel and no smell vs hydroquinone cream
  • Lowest priced RX hydroquinone

Skin Lightening Kit in Charlotte, NC

RetAvanz Lotion is “all trans” retinaldehyde .15% 

RetAvanz Lotion has the same potency as tretinoin, is less irritating than tretinoin.

  • Retinaldehyde,  the active ingredient in RetAvanz Lotion, converts to tretinoin once it is on the skin
    • Takes less time for the patient to “retinize” with RetAvanz Lotion
  • Clinical studies on retinaldehyde show:
    • Equivalent efficacy to tretinoin .05% and .1%
    • Less irritation than tretinoin
  • Retinaldehyde is 20 x stronger than any retinol
  • RetAvanz Lotion has no fragrance and no dyes
  • RetAvanz Lotion is the strongest retinaldehyde on the market